Coat Colour


Black Australian Labradoodles should be solid jet black in colour with no sprinkling of any other colour throughout the coat, and of course, black nose pigmentation. They are actually quite rare because the majority of them will have some sprinkling and tend to fade to a silver colour. The true black colour is particularly stunning in fleece, and is very eye catching in the sun. It can be difficult to predict whether or not a black puppy will hold its colour, but those without sprinkling and without white tints between the toes are more likely to remain true black. It is very difficult to take good and representative photos of black Australian Labradoodles without professional equipment and as such, we find they are less popular. They are stunning in the flesh though!


Although we don’t have any black Australian Labradoodles in our programme, black is the dominant colour and as such, we can produce black puppies from many of the pairings we make.

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