The Lomond Hills Way

Lomond Hills Australian Labradoodles is a family-run breeding programme, dedicated to the preservation and development of the Australian Labradoodle in the UK. Established in 2006, we now have many years of experience with Australian Labradoodles, and have devoted our lives to the breed! We are dedicated professionals and firmly believe that as breeders, our responsibilities extend far beyond the sale of a puppy. We have built an excellent reputation not just for the quality of puppies that we produce in terms of conformation, health and temperament, but also for the non-rivalled service that we provide to our customer before, during and after the purchase process. We make a life-long commitment to every puppy that we produce, and are always contactable by email or phone to offer support and address any concerns. Our puppies make their homes with families and other breeders the length and breadth of the UK, as well as across Europe and sometimes further afield! If you are not local to us, check out our Transport and Export page.

Meet the Family Behind Lomond Hills Labradoodles

Husband and wife, Brenda and Grahame McKinney, founded Lomond Hills Labradoodles back in 2006. Since then, we have poured our hearts and souls into developing a breeding programme that we are very proud of. Grahame and Brenda live at Lomond Hills and are based here full-time. Their daughter, Lauren, has grown up as part of Lomond Hills, helping everywhere she could from the age of 10 and even while working in London after she graduated from university. However, after three years away, Lauren knew her heart was with Lomond Hills so moved to Edinburgh with her partner and two doodles, Tia and Bruno. Lauren, Tia and Bruno commute most days to Lomond Hills where Lauren helps run the business with Grahame and Brenda, and Tia and Bruno keep our old girls, Caramel and Suzie, on their toes!

Lauren will likely be your main point of contact - she responds to enquiries and provides information on availability and the way we do things. You will meet Lauren and Brenda at the puppy visit day, and again on puppy collection day, so you'll get to know them rather well. Grahame can usually be found doing maintenance work around the property, looking after our retired girls who are much loved family pets and keeping Brenda and Lauren in check!

Grahame, Brenda and Lauren are solely dedicated to Lomond Hills and do not have other day jobs like many other breeders do - our puppies are not left 'home alone' every day. Our puppies receive constant care and attention from the family and our dog daft team. We firmly believe that our breeding programme's success is down to our immersion in what we do - we truly live and breathe Australian Labradoodles. For all three of us this is a way of life, not a job!

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We are committed professionals and you can expect a very high level of service from the Lomond Hills Team.

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Our Facilities

We make continual investment in our facilities to make sure our puppies grow up in the best environment possible.

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Family Care Homes

Would you like to have an Australian Labradoodle as part of our breeding programme at a discounted price?

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