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Prior to Brexit we regularly worked with families based in Europe. Unfortunately Brexit has made this more complicated but not impossible. In the last 2 years we have worked with a number of families in Switzerland very successfully. As a general rule, if your country's rules and regulations on importation of puppies/dogs allows a puppy to be imported between 8 and 10 weeks old, we will probably be able to work with you.

Where we cannot export to

Some countries require the puppy to have a rabies vaccine and then wait for 21 days before they are allowed to travel and enter the country. On occasion we can work with families from these countries if we have availability in our Puppy School. This stage of a puppy's life is hugely important for their development so the only way we are able to keep your puppy during this time is if you enrol them into our longest puppy school programme. 7-8 weeks of Puppy School will usually tide your puppy over until they have been covered by the Rabies vaccination, but this does come with an additional cost. If you are in this position feel free to email us and we will discuss the process with you. Forever families, we are not able to export to these countries. We place our puppies with their forever families at 8 weeks old. The rabies vaccine cannot be administered until the puppy is 12 weeks old and then there is a 3 week wait before the puppy can travel. We do not have the time or resources to provide the care and attention required by a puppy for an additional 7 weeks. This is a key time when puppies really need to have lots of one-to-one socialisation, training and bonding with their forever families.

We sometimes export puppies to other countries outside of Europe provided that the country’s rules and regulations on importation of puppies/dogs allows a puppy to be imported from the UK between 8 and 10 weeks old.

Travel Arrangements

Some airlines allow puppies to travel in the cabin of the aeroplane with their owner. This is usually a more positive experience for the puppy, and is usually a lot less expensive too! Check with your airlines if this is a service that they offer. We can arrange for your puppy to fly from Edinburgh airport to your closest international airport that accepts live animals. We use an agency to book and coordinate transport. The agency will invoice you directly for this but we can obtain a quotation on your behalf. This is usually more expensive than travelling with your puppy in the cabin and sometimes also requires additional veterinary work in advance.

The LHL Way

Estimated Costs

When a Lomond Hills puppy makes his new home overseas, there are typically some additional expenses over and above the purchase price of your puppy. Here are some ESTIMATED costs which can vary:

  • EU Pet Passport £55
  • Fit to Fly Certification £35
  • Intra-trade Health Certificate (unaccompanied puppies only) £150
  • Vet Examination £35
  • Travel Crate from £80
  • Transport from Lomond Hills to Edinburgh Airport £125

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