As a Lomond Hills client, you will have the opportunity to visit us up to three times.

The LHL Way

Visitation Policy

As a Lomond Hills client, you will have the opportunity to visit us up to three times.

Group Introductory sessions

Firstly, you may opt to attend one of our scheduled introductory sessions. This is a great way to meet us and our dogs, learn about what we do and find out if a Lomond Hills puppy could be a good match for you. We run these sessions on a regular basis - often on Mondays and Fridays and occasionally at weekends. The sessions book up very quickly when the dates are released, so please contact us if you are interested in attending. Please note that attendance at one of these sessions is not compulsory to apply for one of our puppies.

Puppy Party

Secondly, once your application has been accepted and the relevant litter born, you will be invited to attend the puppy party. We hold a puppy party for each litter - where possible this is scheduled on a Friday close to when the puppies turn 6 weeks old. This is your opportunity to meet all of the puppies in the litter with their mother. You can also meet the father, provided that he is owned by and lives with us. Fathers owned by other breeders or living with a family on our Family Care Home Programme may not be available for you to meet. We are able to answer all of your questions during the puppy party so that you feel ready and prepared for collecting your puppy when the time comes! Please note that attendance at the puppy party is encouraged, but is not compulsory. The puppy party lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Collect your puppy

Finally, when you come to collect your puppy! We schedule the collection day for the litter shortly after the puppies are born, so you will have 7+ weeks notice for the collection date. Where possible it is scheduled for a Friday when the puppies are between 8-9 weeks old. Puppy Collection Day is a fun, bittersweet and incredibly busy day for the Lomond Hills team. We must say goodbye to the puppies that we have loved and cared for over the last 8 weeks, ensure that every client feels well-prepared for their new arrival and also carry out all of our usual day-to-day dog and puppy care related duties. We run an individual puppy collection appointment for each client in order to make puppy's transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you have attended the Puppy Party your Collection Visit will last up to 10 minutes. If you missed the Puppy Party you will be invited in for a Collection Visit lasting up to 20 minutes. During this time, you will only see your puppy (the other puppies will have gone home already or will be getting ready to leave, and their mother will have returned to her Family Care Home), so if you want to meet the whole litter with their mother, you need to attend the puppy party too! We will provide you with all relevant paperwork and answer any quick last minute questions but by this stage, you will already have read all of our educational material, so you will be ready to hit the road and get your puppy home and settled in!

Aside from our introductory sessions, puppy parties and puppy collection appointments, we do not accept visitors. This is not just our business and livelihood; it is a way of life, we work very long hours and this is our family home. We also operate a very strict hygiene and biosecurity protocol to protect our puppies against infection - we spend a lot of time cleaning and disinfecting before and after every visit and it is not practical to do this for individual or one-off visits. Please do not ask us to make any exceptions to our visitation policy