Coat Colour


Gold Australian Labradoodles are sometimes also referred to as apricot; the terms can be used interchangeably. The colour ranges from the colour of the inside of a ripe apricot to a varying shades of a rich gold. A true gold Australian Labradoodle should not be any lighter in colour at the roots than the outer coat, and should ideally have even colouration over the entire body. The gold colour often fades as the dog grows older, and indeed some red Australian Labradoodles fade and become gold when older. Gold Australian Labradoodles have black nose pigmentation; if they have rose pigmentation, they are technically caramel as opposed to gold, even though the coat colour may appear identical.


It can be difficult to predict whether or not gold puppies will fade, but as a rule of thumb the darker they are when born, the more likely they will hold their colour. We often produce gold puppies at Lomond Hills, and find that gold puppies which have a red parent tend to hold their colour better.

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