Coat Colour


Parti Australian Labradoodles are defined as being at least 50% white, with spots or patches of any other acceptable colour. The head can be of solid colour, but a white muzzle, blaze or muzzle/blaze combination are equally acceptable. Full or partial saddles are also acceptable, but not necessarily preferred. White ticking throughout the other solid colour is acceptable, but nor preferred. Any nose pigmentation is acceptable, but it will usually match with the solid colour. Chocolate parti and black parti are the most common, with caramel parti and red parti being rarer.


The parti colours are rare and unusual, so we have enjoyed working on developing our parti lines. We regularly have black and chocolate parti puppies available, and sometimes have caramel parti puppies available too. We have not produced any red parti puppies yet, but endeavour to do so soon!

Please visit our Available Puppies page to see what puppies we have available just now and in the coming months.

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