Puppy Application Process

This application form should only be submitted if you are ready to move forwards and place a reservation for a Lomond Hills puppy. Please note that in the interest of fairness among our customers, your reservation is only confirmed once we have received and approved your application form, emailed you a reservation fee invoice and your reservation fee has been paid by bank transfer. We are unable to hold reservations without a reservation fee.

Our puppies are generally reserved quite far in advance so we suggest planning ahead. We have built a reputation over the years for breeding beautiful, healthy well-adjusted puppies and they are sought after across the UK, Europe and further afield. When you apply for a Lomond Hills puppy, it should be because you specifically want to have one of our puppies and you are prepared and willing to wait for the right puppy to become available for you. You might be lucky if we have a larger than expected litter, but more often than not, there will be a wait. We encourage you to use this waiting time to get educated about the breed and prepare yourselves for the arrival of your new family member. Learn as much as you can and arm yourselves with the knowledge and tools you need to turn a great puppy into a well-trained, happy dog.

If you want a puppy quickly or have a long list of cosmetic requirements, we are probably not the right breeders for you.

The reservation process

We have a master reservation list which feeds individual litter reservation lists which are generated at the time of breeding. Whilst we can and do make educated estimates from our years of experience, we cannot guarantee how many puppies will be born in each litter, their colour, gender or temperament - so we cannot guarantee that we will have a puppy that matches your preferences within a specific litter - we just need to wait and see. We ask clients placing reservations to be mindful that we are working with nature and have only limited control. Please be flexible in terms of transferring your reservation to an alternative upcoming litter if required. Please note that we reserve the right to change the sire for our planned litters if required.

We will send you a confirmation email to notify you when we receive your completed application and reservation fee. Once we have completed breeding and are expecting a litter which we believe will be a good match for you, you will be given access to a special page on our website dedicated to the litter that your reservation has been placed on. Access to this page is only for clients with reservations on the litter. All photos and information will be posted here so that you can track progress and get prepared for the arrival of your new family member. We ask you to understand that we generally do not announce the arrival of any puppies immediately upon birth; we spend the first few days working hard to ensure that the mother and her puppies are all thriving and making good progress prior to uploading the details of the litter onto the page and sending you an email notification.

Puppy visit and allocation process

You will be invited to the puppy party which takes place when the puppies are approximately 6 weeks old. The puppy party will be scheduled shortly after the puppies are born so you will have about 5 weeks' notice, but there will not be any flexibility on the scheduled date and time. We do a lot of cleaning and disinfection both before and after the visit to safeguard our puppies from infection, so it is not possible to schedule alternative visiting appointments. The visit will take place on a weekend date to ensure that as many families with reservations on the litter can attend as possible. The visit will last 1.5 hours and you will have the opportunity to meet and spend time with the mother and all of her puppies. Attendance at the puppy party is optional. If you are not able to attend and would prefer to transfer your reservation to an alternative litter, just let us know.

When the litter is approximately 7 weeks old, we will conduct a temperament assessment of all the puppies. The test uses a number of indicators to predict each puppy's likely adult temperament. Once the temperament testing is complete, we will allocate each puppy to the best-suited client reservation. Our top priority when allocating puppies is temperament and only after this do we consider other less important factors such as gender and colour. No client is under any obligation to accept the puppy they are allocated but must understand that they may need to wait for a future litter in the event they choose not to accept the allocated puppy. We also reserve the right to select puppies for future breeding purposes prior to allocating puppies to clients. If a prospective breeding puppy is required from the litter, this may delay the puppy allocation process.

Puppy collection

Our puppies are ready for collection when they are approximately 8-9 weeks old. Puppy collections generally take place on weekends and we will schedule the collection date for the litter as early as we can to give you as much notice as possible. We do not allow delayed collections as we are not set up to provide the individual care and attention required for a solo 9+ week old puppy for additional time. This is a key time when puppies really need lots of one-to-one socialisation, training and bonding with their forever families. If you are unable to collect your puppy on a designated date, please let us know as we may need to look at transferring your reservation to an alternative litter.

Our policies and process

We run a very structured and well-organised breeding programme. When you apply for a Lomond Hills puppy, we politely request that you respect our policies and processes and that you do not ask us to make individual exceptions to these.