Breeding Stock For Sale

We can often make breeding quality puppies, youngsters and tested adults available to established reputable breeders, or breeders who are just starting out with a new programme. We are continuously developing new lines to ensure genetic diversity whilst maintaining the excellent traits Australian Labradoodles are known for. Potential breeding candidates will be advertised on this page as they become available. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise you of what we have upcoming.

Lomondhills Scots Legend – Now Sold to Dog’s Paradise Labradoodles, Netherlands

Apricot Australian Labradoodle breeder

Whisky is the son of our amazing boy, Spencer. He is a stunning medium, fleece coat, caramel Australian Labradoodle. He comes from a combination of strong traditional lines and some fantastic new lines! Whisky has now made his home with Dog’s Paradise Labradoodles in the Netherlands where we are sure he will do a great job. Congratulations Nanja!

Lomondhills Scots Beauty – Now Sold to Salland Hills Australian Labradoodles, Netherlands

Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle for sale

This is Keira, she is a wonderful chocolate parti girl from Pebbles first litter with Smudge. We are very excited about this girl because she brings some fantastic new lines to the table on her sire’s side, as well as some strong traditional bloodlines through her dam.

Keira has now made her home in the Netherlands at Salland Hills Australian Labradoodles where we are sure she will be an excellent asset for Ina’s breeding programme.

Lomondhills Scots Mist – Now Sold to Dogs Paradise Labradoodles, Netherlands

Chocolate Australian Labradoodle for sale

This is Brynna, a lovely miniature, fleece coat, chocolate girl. She is from Fudge and Jet’s infusion litter, which combines some excellent traditional Australian Labradoodle bloodlines with brand new lines in efforts to extend the gene pool and develop the breed.

Brynna has made her home in the Netherlands where she will be part of Dog’s Paradise Labradoodles’ breeding programme. Congratulations Nanja, we wish you all the very best with her.