Grooming Your Australian Labradoodle

What degree of coat care is required?

HAIR (Dog hair texture either feathering, scruffy, or wavy) A shedding coat in varying degrees and will need a quick brushing/combing about once a month depending on the density and length of the coat. NEVER shave your hair coat’s body. A light trimming might be required with scissors but usually not.

NORMAL FLEECE (Soft Angora type texture wavy or loose spiralling coat): An allergy and asthma friendly coat which will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about every two-three weeks. This coat usually requires trimming once or twice a year.

Apricot Australian Labradoodle puppiesMICRO FINE FLEECE (Super-soft and fine texture in wavy or spiralling coat): An allergy and asthma friendly coat, if kept well groomed. Because this coat is finer and softer if it gets mats that are not brushed out regularly eventually some of the mats will ball up into little “tumble weeds” and come out of the coat. It is recommended to thoroughly brush/comb this coat about once a week and not to let the coat grow longer than about three inches in length with trimming two to three times a year.

ORIGINAL WOOL (Dense curly coat with a lambs wool texture): An allergy and asthma friendly coat with the highest rate of success of the three main coat types (Hair/Fleece/Wool). It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about once a week. This coat also requires trimming about three-four times a year.

COTTON WOOL (Super dense curly-straight coat with a softer texture than the original wool or loose wool coats) This coat is reminiscent of a giant cotton ball when groomed out and is so dense that it almost keeps itself standing straight up. This coat is an allergy and asthma friendly one, with the highest rate of success of the three main coat types (Hair/Fleece/Wool). It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly once a week. This coat also requires trimming about four times a year.

LOOSE OR NEW STYLE WOOL (spiralling coat that easily opens to the skin with a lambswool texture): An allergy and asthma friendly coat with the highest rate of success of the three coat types (Hair/Fleece/Wool). It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about every two to three weeks. This coat usually requires trimming two to three times a year.

All Australian Labradoodles with allergy and asthma friendly coats have a coat change from puppy to adult usually between 10-14 months of age. Because they do not “shed out” the old coat, you must groom the old dead coat out or it will cause severe matting in the new coat. During their coat change it is recommended that you groom them daily. The coat change can last anywhere from a week to several weeks. This is usually the time when owners decide that their beautiful furry doodle needs a shorter look! It is much, much easier to have your puppy clipped just prior to their coat change. Less stressful for you, and for your Australian Labradoodle!

How do I groom my Australian Labradoodle?

Grooming Australian Labradoodles is actually very easy, providing that you keep on top of it and do a thorough job each time.

Let’s start with the most important part – the ears! Australian Labradoodles have hair which grows inside their ear canal. It is absolutely essential that you remove this hair on a regular basis. It is very simple and straightforward to do as long as you keep on top of it and don’t let it get out of control. Once a month, have a look inside the ears to check for hair growth. If there is any hair in the ear canal which needs removed, put a little ear grooming powder in the middle of the ear. Massage the powder in for around 10 seconds. This opens up the pores and also ensures that the hair is dry so that you can get a firm grip on it. Then, very gently, between finger and thumb, tease the hair out slowly a little at a time. This is obviously not the most pleasant of things for your Australian Labradoodle to put up with, but they will soon get used to it and it is much better than the ear infections which could occur if this procedure wasn’t done properly and regularly.

Parchment White Australian Labradoodle BreederWhen grooming your Australian Labradoodle’s body, the first tool that you should use is a slicker brush. Groom through the coat thoroughly, following the natural direction in which it grows. Start at the bottom of the legs, and work up towards the head. Once you think you have got any matts out, use a steel comb to check. Make sure that you are getting right down through the entire coat to the skin. If you haven’t got all the way down, go back to the slicker brush again until you have. If you don’t manage to get down to the skin, the coat will ‘felt’ underneath and the only way that can be corrected is by having your poor Australian Labradoodle clipped right down to the skin, so don’t let it happen!

Because Australian Labradoodles don’t shed their coat, they do need to be clipped. How often you have your doodle clipped should depend on coat type, the kind of lifestyle you lead, and your personal preferences. It is generally between two and four times per year. When you bring your Australian Labradoodle to the groomers, ask them if they have clipped any Australian Labradoodles before and if they know how to do it properly! We have heard quite a few stories where people have had their poor Australian Labradoodle returned to them looking like a Poodle! Tell your groomer that you want a ‘teddy bear’ clip. What that means, is that the coat should loosely follow the shape of the body – it is a very relaxed and natural look – not ‘perfect and preened’. Show your groomer some photos from our website so that they know exactly what the ‘finished article’ should look like. The groomer will also take care of the nails and will pluck the ears.

Australian Labradoodles don’t need bathed regularly. Their non-shedding coats have naturally occurring essential oils and lanolin and regular bathing should be avoided as it strips out these oils. If your Australian Labradoodle gets very muddy, give the mud time to dry and then brush it out with a slicker brush. If he rolls in something very smelly though, it might be worth giving him a bath!

Some more helpful tips!

  • If you are going to bath your Australian Labradoodle, brush through the coat thoroughly first. If you do it the other way around, any matting will be set hard!
  • Keep the eyes and ears nice and clean to avoid infections.
  • Trim the hair out from between their toes to ensure that debris doesn’t get lodged and cause a sore.
  • Keep the coat under the tail nice and short to prevent matting and to keep it nice and clean.

We have tried to make this section as comprehensive as possible, but it is difficult to explain grooming properly without actually demonstrating. Rest assured that if you have any queries regarding grooming, we will be more than happy to go through them with you when you visit us.