Probably the most characterful dogs in existence, we can safely say that Australian Labradoodles think they're human! They almost definitely understand everything you say and will make you laugh every day. Intelligent, calm, affectionate, comical and full of fun - they win the hearts of everyone they meet, and rightly so!

Australian Labradoodles aren’t just good with children – they adore them! They are drawn to them, love to play with them and are exceptionally tolerant. You could turn an Australian Labradoodle inside out and they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.

Living with a Labradoodle

The sociable nature of the Australian Labradoodle means that they don’t do well in circumstances where they are left alone for extended periods of time. As a guide, we would not recommend that they are left for any more than 3-4 hours at a time on a regular basis. If your schedule does not allow for this, you may wish to explore options including a dog walker and dog day-care.

Their intelligence is no substitute for training, but it does make it a lot easier. If you are prepared and well-read, you can probably check off the toilet training within the first week! They are always top of the class at puppy training. Obedience and agility training are great for keeping them mentally stimulated. They just love learning new things!

They are very well-balanced and well-rounded with a tendency to be calmer indoors, but more playful and energetic outdoors. This seems to be primarily due to their intuition, but is of course reinforced through training and the way that we behave around them.