Family Care Home Programme

As conscientious and ambitious breeders, we continually strive to develop and improve the Australian Labradooodle breed. To do this successfully, we require to have a number of dogs in our breeding programme. We prefer not to kennel our dogs, and it would be unrealistic for us to have as many dogs as we need to fulfil our breeding objectives, living with us in our home. The Lomond Hills Family Care Home Programme is our solution. This special and progressive programme allows our breeding dogs to live as much loved family pets, with local, carefully selected families while participating in our breeding programme.

As opposed to paying full price for a pet puppy, a local family takes on a ‘pick of litter’ puppy, chosen by us, and pays a significantly reduced fee (compared to buying a puppy in the conventional manner) to join the programme. In legal terms, she remains under our ownership, but the family care home is expected to treat her as if she were their own dog. We lay out some guidelines as regards feeding, health care and grooming which must be followed. Once the puppy turns 12 months old, we assess her for quality based on our high breeding standards. We then have her completely health screened to ensure that she is a suitable candidate for breeding. Based on the results, we decide if we would like to breed from her in the future.

We introduced this programme over eight years ago, and it has worked very well thus far. It has proved to be the best way for us to achieve our breeding goals, whilst ensuring that all of our dogs are cared for to the highest standards and receive lots of exercise, love and affection.

This programme is excellent for families who have the love and time to devote to the care of one of our Australian Labradoodles, but perhaps cannot afford to buy a puppy in the usual manner. It is also a very good route to take if you and your family would like your Australian Labradoodle to have puppies, but have no experience in animal husbandry, or don’t have the time to devote to raising a litter.

Our Family Care Home girls are family pets first and foremost, and they spend the vast majority of their time living with their respective families. They spend approximately seven/eight weeks per year at Lomond Hills, for up to three years, for breeding purposes. We breed a maximum of 3 litters from each of our girls. Once we have finished breeding, they are spayed and full ownership is signed over to the Family Care Home, where they live as family pets for the rest of their lives. We find that the dogs are very relaxed throughout the entire process and are equally comfortable with us, as they are their carers.

The benefits that this programme offers to our dogs is the reason we do it…they have a loving home to live in, where they can enjoy having a family all to themselves! It also means that our dogs never need to be re-homed which can be stressful, since we sign over full ownership once she has had all of her puppies.

There are three main benefits to the family care homes:

  1. They have a top quality Australian Labradoodle – the best we have to offer!
  2. They save financially versus the cost of buying a puppy in the conventional manner.
  3. Benefit of being involved with the puppies without all the hard work and responsibility!

The only down-side is that the dog does need to spend about 6 – 7 weeks with us to have her puppies, although family carers are welcome to visit during this period.

If you live within a 1.5 hour drive (we are located in Fife, about 40 miles north of Edinburgh) and are interested in taking part in our Family Care Home programme, please contact us for further information and to submit an application. If you feel that the Family Care Home programme is not for you, please click here to see the puppies that we have available for sale.