About The Breed

Australian Labradoodle Sizes

Australian Labradoodles are bred to three different sizes, in ascending order, these are - miniature, medium and standard. We measure them in inches to the shoulder.

Miniature: 13 - 17" at the shoulder, weighs 7 - 13kg - similar to a Cocker Spaniel

Medium: 18 - 21" at the shoulder, weighs 13 - 20kg - similar to a Springer Spaniel - Labrador

Standard: 22" + at the shoulder, weighs 21kg+ - similar to a Golden Retriever - Standard Poodle.

Measuring Labradoodles

At Lomond Hills, we concentrate primarily on miniature and medium size puppies and only very rarely have puppies that might just sneak up into the standard size category. We also sometimes breed litters with puppies that we expect will reach the borderline miniature and medium - we call these puppies large miniature/small medium. When you reserve a puppy with us, you will be asked what size of puppy you are looking for and you will have the following options:

13"-17" at the shoulder, 7 - 13Kg
LG Mini/SM Med
16"-18" at the shoulder, 11-15Kg
17"-21" at the shoulder, 13 - 20kg
22"+ at the shoulder, 21kg+
You can opt to select just one size bracket, or you can place them in order of preference.