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We love hearing how our clients are getting on with their new family members. Below is a selection of your stories.

Hi Lauren and Brenda

Just thought I’d give you a little update on Ness. That’s him been home with us now for 1 week and we’ve had an absolutely fabulous first week with him. He has settled in to our family so well. He’s sleeping in his crate all night, eating and drinking really well and he is doing great with his training.

He has turned into a bit of a local celebrity, has been meeting lots of new people and visiting new places every day😀 He loves our garden, especially getting in amongst all the plants!!

It is so evident from his calm, easy nature and good behaviour (so far) 🤣 that he had had the best start he could possibly have from yourselves and we would just like to thank you all again. He is our little treasure and we are all looking forward to the many years ahead with him.

Lorna & Family xx

Lorna Gilthorpe & Family

Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say that Roxy is amazing and has settled in really well!!
She’s totally toilet trained, sleeps in her crate all night no problem and has the most amazing temperament we could ever wish for in a dog.
She gets on great with my niece and nephew’s kids and everyone we meet comments on how calm and loving she is.  You were so right with her cheeky side – she likes to dig in the garden, has ripped plants apart (we’ve removed them all now) and has even had a go at chewing our whirligig 😂😂. However, she is easily distracted by the various chew toys and calls that we have for her.
She loves people and is always keen to say hello. She actually can’t quite believe it if anyone walks past her without saying hello as she knows she’s so lovely.  She is a little timid with other dogs initially but very inquisitive and within a few minutes is desperate to make friends and play chase.
She got on great at the groomers, she’s happy for me to brush her each night and generally has totally captivated our family – we could never imagine being without her.
On Sunday she is due to finish her initial puppy training classes- she’s a total show off as she’s brilliant at it all 😂
As you know, this is our first time having a dog and all the things that I was concerned about are all irrelevant. The house doesn’t smell of dog, Roxy smells lovely. She doesn’t have accidents in the house- unless she’s super excited to see me and a little wee escapes. She loves people – she likes the groomers, the vet, cafes, the beach. She is even happy to go into her dog crate in the car boot for travel . We have continued with little bits of alone time and she’s great.  She cries a little if we are out of the room but still in the house at times.  But she doesn’t cry if we are out the house and leave her alone. We know this as we have a wee camera to check on her.
When she goes to bed at night she goes into her crate and lies down and goes off to sleep. In the morning around 6-6:15am (when I’m getting up anyway) she wakes up, sits up in her crate and waits on us to come down and let her out- she doesn’t cry or bark, she just waits.
Honestly, this is the best thing we’ve ever done. My son tells us we are bad parents as we have waited for him to leave home before getting a dog 😂. He and his girlfriend who live in Edinburgh are always over at ours now desperate to spend time with Roxy. It’s hilarious.
Thank you so much for making this happen.
Jacqueline Reid


I just thought I’d drop you an email to let you know how Cooper is doing. He has settled in quickly, has such a great temperament and is learning fast. He sleeps the whole night happily in his crate. He really is an amazing pup and is the perfect fit for our family!
Thank you so much ❤
Debbie, Graeme & Millie
Debbie Pettigrew

Hi Lomond Hills,

I wanted to let you know Neck Girl has been named Hazel, within 5 mins of being with her my son came up with that name. He is smitten, as am I.
The train journey home was much easier than I anticipated, she spent the majority of the time snuggled up next to my chest. She has taken to her crate incredibly well, I didn’t need to encourage her, she went in on her own accord. She sleeps in her crate with her comfort puppy, the towel from her siblings and Fudge and she also takes the beanie toy I bought from you in with her too, it is painfully cute to watch her drag it in. At night I take her to my bedroom in her crate and she sleeps next to me. I don’t want to jinx things but we’ve had two nights of bed at around 10pm and awake at 6.30am, this morning I slept through 2 alarms and she woke me up at 7.10am 😂
She now does a ‘pee pee’ in the designated area and is so proud of herself when she gets praised for doing so. My cats are being very careful around her, no hissing from them (yet), they are staying away as expected and one of my cats does take a while to transition to any kind of change. We’ll get there. Hazel has a metal playpen and seems to love it, it’s her safe play place and a slow introduction to her new world.
She’s had an hour long car journey in her carrier, that went well and I have taken her out for a couple of ‘walks’ in her puppy sling to begin socialising her. As you can imagine we don’t get far because most people want to say hello.
I don’t know how you do it but whatever it is it’s working because she is so very perfect for us.
Thank you all 🥰
Mandy Fleming
Hi Lomond Hills,

I thought it would be a nice time to say a big hi from Luna.

Thank-you for allowing us to part of the Lomond Hills family! Everyday we are thankful for choosing this particular breed of dog to suit our family and for having the opportunity to bring her into our lives.

She fills our family with joy, gets me away from my desk during the day, makes me smile and she is super affectionate. Sometimes I think she pretends to be a cat when she curls up onto my legs at night.

This is our first dog and we’ve never looked back. We promised we would take care of her and she continues to thrive in our family. Everyday is a tail wagging day! 

Many thanks from Rachel H and family!
Rachel H and Family
Hi Lomond Hills,
I hope you’re well.
I just want to give you an update that Maple (bum boy) is settling in perfectly.
He sleeps from 22.30 all the way through till 7ish, so hopefully that continues. There has been the odd cry but lasts maybe 5 mins at most. He’s wild during the day and we just love him.
We couldn’t have been matched with a better pup.
I’ve attached a pic of him and a video where he found Craig’s slippers 🥰
Alix Tierney

Hi Lauren,

We just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you all at Lomond Hills.
Our little girl, was a dream on the journey home, not one little whimper!
We stopped into my mother’s on the way back, and again she took it all in her stride.
We have called her Winnie, and she has started to respond to her name.  We take her everywhere with us, as you can imagine everyone who spots her in her Pops arms, has to say hello!
Thank you all again, for all your advice and help.  Olive and Marley should be proud of their little girl.
Jo & Tommy Smith
Jo & Tommy Smith

Hello lovely Lauren and Brenda,

We hope you are all well at Lomond Hills.

Wow. What a wonderful 6 weeks we have had with our darling puppy! Little Koda is so sweet! His nature is so cute. My son says all the time “He’s so polite!” because he sits so nicely to wait for attention or to get out of his crate or for food. Such a wee darling. Training on the most part has gone well and he’s settling into a little routine and is such a good boy.

I have attached a couple of pics for you to see him loving life in his new home. We cannot thank you enough for how amazing we found the WHOLE process with you and the fabulous team. It truly has been such a joy and we cannot think that anywhere else would have been better for us to get a puppy. You are all wonderful, professional, caring, friendly, experienced and we would recommend you in a heartbeat.

Thank you for caring for Koda and his siblings too in their early weeks. We know this has been so vital to his health and well being and we have gained such a wonderful pet because of your love and care. We are all so smitten with our little floofball!!!

For now I just wanted to say hello and thank you and show you our darling boy.

Much love
Esther, Jacob, Luke, Emily and Koda xxx

Esther Gordon

Hi Lauren,

We are all doing well and Torri has settled in so nicely. Now that she knows us better and her new home, we are seeing her sweet, cheeky side. She is a really good girl with a lovely temperament and from what we can tell…very clever. As I am sure all of your dogs are! She is exploring every inch of the garden and loving the forbidden treasures she finds!

As far as night time goes, she is doing so much better. I just needed to be patient! She is now settling better at bedtime and is able to go for quite a long time. Last night she slept from 1030-600am and I went down to check on her to make sure all was fine!

She is still not a huge fan of her crate during the day but we will get there. I am guessing that you did some toilet training with her and her siblings as we have only had accidents if we aren’t paying attention and quite often we find her by the door if she needs to go out.

She had her second vaccination today and the vet said everything seems great.

We are all absolutely smitten with her and couldn’t have hoped for a better puppy.
Thank you so much,
Krista Swan

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for my beautiful boy, Hugo (Foxy x Harrison 2020).

Since we picked him up in October 2020, he has been amazing! Has his wee moments, but 99.9% of the time he is just brilliant.

I have wanted a dog all of my life and getting him was a dream come true for me. I just want to thank you for making it such an easy process and answering all the questions I had from before he was even born all the way through till after we picked him up! It felt like a long wait to get him but worth every second.

I have popped some photos on here too so you can see how’s he developed into a handsome dog but I think he looks very like his mum, Foxy!

Thanks again, hope you are all well!

Sarah & Hugo

Sarah Kennedy
Hi just a wee email about Macy our dog we got from yourselves last year, who is a year old past the 5th of April.
Macy is an absolutely adorable , gentle natured girl, her temperament is unbeleivably good , she is full of life , very intelligent , very healthy and happy. We all love her and are so pleased with her.
So pleased that we came to yourselves for a dog she is exactly what we were looking for and is now very much part of our family. Thankyou so much for giving us a wonderful pet.
Just thought I would update you and let you know how very pleased we are with our dog 😃
Anne Hughes
Hi Lauren
Just sending a few pics and to let you know Ozzy has settled in well and he is adorable. Eating well and he’s already showing signs of being a quick learner doing the toilet in the garden and settling quite quickly in his crate at night. Thank you for all your help and advice over the last few months. Would highly recommend Lomond Hills to anyone. We can’t wait until Ozzy can get out to play and join us on our adventures.
Lisa & Richie 🐶
Lisa Vannett

I hope you and the family are all fine and well?

A year ago today we collected Darcy. It has been a dreadful year with the pandemic but we are so grateful to have Darcy. We adore her and she adores us. She’s the best dog in the world!

Here are some photos of her. She had a birthday party at the doggy daycare she goes to twice a week. They are mostly outdoors in a couple of fields but go inside for lunch and a snooze. She has her pals there and she absolutely loves it.

Everyone loves Darcy, the daycare owner says she’s lovely and just wants to please all the time. And that’s exactly her. She has a wonderful nature. She’s perfect.

Sending you all our very best wishes.

Warmest regards
Mrs Miller

Mrs Miller

Hi Lauren

Thought I’d just send you a wee update on Floss.
We really can’t believe how well she’s settled in.
She’s been excellent at night and settles down into her crate. That’s  her straight through to 6.30 am.  No mess ever in her crate or in the house!  Training is so easy with her, so long as there’s chicken lol.
She loves her food and gets very excited when it’s food time.
She’s had her vaccination and we’re looking forward to starting our walks in the big world.
I would just like to say a huge thank you.  All credit goes to Lomond Hills, all the time you spend with litters certainly works as it’s produced a wee bundle who just loves life and isn’t phased by anything.  She’s smart and gentle!  You certainly have got top marks for matching her with our family!
Allyson Sykes
Hi Lauren,
Just wanted to give you an update on how Indy is settling in. She has fitted in to our family so well and she has been a little star. She has slept all night the last 2 nights from 10.30pm until 6.15am and only wakens as she hears my husband leaving for work. She has had very little accidents in the house and has had no accidents through the night at all. She has learnt how to sit and knows her name already. We have all fallen in love with her and my two boys know when they can play with her and when to leave her to rest. She loves her bed so much but she also loves a cuddle too. We could not be any more pleased with her and we are so grateful we chose to go to yourselves when deciding to get a puppy. You have done an excellent job with her and we would highly recommend Lomondhills Labradoodles to anyone.
Many thanks,
Debbie Milne

Dear Lauren,

Just a little update on Dougal.

Dougal is thriving! He’s an amazing eater, growing so fast and is a very happy little pup. We call him the love pup. He absolutely loves his family and wants to be with us ALL the time. We adore him and he has added so much love to our family! He makes us laugh every single day. Thank you once again for our perfect boy!
We are very grateful to you for such a happy, healthy and well rounded dog. He’s so special! We are very happy we chose you as our breeders.
Kindest regards,
Kat x
Kat Urukalo
Hi Lomond Hills,

Just wanted to share a photo of our puppy Hugo who we bought from you in April last year. His parents are Oscar and Hershey. He really is the most wonderful dog and has been since the moment we got him.

We have been meaning to get in touch before now. All of the information given to us was really helpful and following it really helped settle him. Toilet training, eating, using his crate – nothing has been a problem and we have a sociable, cuddly and clever puppy. The work that was done with him by you all, prior to us taking him home, has resulted in him being confident and friendly.

We feel really lucky as he has become a wonderful addition to the family.

We would highly recommend the service you provide.

Many thanks

Elaine Gallagher

Elaine Gallagher

Hi Lauren!

Just wanted to drop you a wee note to say ‘Bum Girl’ / Sammi has settled in really well with us. She’s eating well, sleeping in her crate (discovered Christmas tunes on the radio chill her out through the night!) and has got the hang of doing the toilet outside! Can’t believe how smart she is and how quickly she has settled in.
It was lovely meeting you and Brenda on Friday – and thank you again for our lovely little girl and for all the help and support in the run up to getting her.
Kat x
Katherine Galbraith

Hi Lomond Hills,

Just thought we would give you a quick update on Rosie…promise we won’t bombard you 🙂

Basically nothing but good news, eating like a horse, loves her chicken as a treat, however the great news we wanted to share is that since Sunday,  just 2 nights after we got her, she sleeps from 11pm-7am every night with no whimpers or accidents. Most business is now out the back, short of a few excited accidents 🙂

I’m not sure how you paired us but to say she is part of the furniture already is an under statement – we absolutely love her and already she can “sit and stay” for currently 5/6 steps back…! We’ve met more friends than we ever usually do and she is quite the star! No issues with the car so we just can’t wait to get past the waiting period after jag on Tuesday so we can hit the beach!! 😎

Thanks again

Stephen & Andrea

Stephen and Andrea Gilligan

Good morning!

I wanted to email you a little update about Luna (Honey x Oscar Neck Girl) because I am in awe of how perfect a match she is for our family! Anyone who challenges the puppy matching process can come and meet Luna and they will eat their words for sure! From the minute we got home, her wee personality was shining through and she takes everything in her stride. She loves everyone she meets, has been pure joy for my parents who lost our family dog just a couple of weeks ago, and was so gentle with our 1 year old cousin. Nothing seems to phase her – she has been out for her lunch, met dogs as big as Shetland ponies, witnessed a brass band play outside the house, been for many car rides and the only thing that is ever an issue? The hoover.

She is very popular with the neighbours when she is playing in the garden and we need to allow extra time on walks for all the people who stop to admire her! The first couple of nights were tough but we have made so much progress and at night she settles into her crate with ease – although she hasn’t quite figured out that she isn’t supposed to sleep in her water bowl!

I can’t give enough thanks and praise to you for all that you do for your puppies and the information and knowledge you pass on.

Thank you, we couldn’t imagine a life without Luna 💕

Lauren Edgar

Hi Brenda,

We have decided to call our puppy “Amber”. She has settled in really well. We took your advice and put the crate in our bedroom and we’ve had no crying at all in the night, she has woken us both mornings at 6 am and happily gone out to toilet. We’ve had one or two “wee” accidents when she is excited but mostly she is toileting in the right place.

She’s made friends with Pippin the kitten, he’s only a couple of weeks older than she is, and they are already following each other around, playing under supervision and snuggling together for naps. She is eating really well, I gave her a chicken wing yesterday which she really enjoyed. She is confident and interested in everything and especially likes slippers and shoe laces 🙂
She has the sweetest nature and seems really responsive and willing to learn. I am so glad we found you and grateful for the the excellent start in life that Amber has had.
I’ll keep sending updates!

With very best wishes

Morag Geddes

Hi Brenda (and Grahame and Alastair),

Wanted to say a big “thank you” for all you have done for us. Never having owned a dog before, you spent a good number of hours introducing us to your dogs, explaining all, thoroughly testing Jonathan for his dog allergy and patiently answering my endless mails/phone calls with questions etc and you still do!

We were very impressed by the way you run things, your care for your dogs, the time you spend with them and the pups once they’re born, so we felt we couldn’t have got a puppy from a better breeder!

Tess has been with us 6 weeks now and we can’t imagine life without her anymore; she is everything and more then we expected and hoped for but then of course: she’s an Australian Labradoodle, they are the best! She is full of fun, very smart, extremely sociable, energetic and always in for a cuddle.

She never ceases to amaze us by her cleverness and wit; even the vet was duly impressed by her when we went to puppy “social meeting” last week. Of course she is the best!

So, thank you again for everything and the best gift of all: our Tess!

Nelleke and Jonathan Shelldrick

Hi Brenda

Thought you would like an update on Tika, now coming up for 6mths old. She has turned into a beautiful dog and is everything we could have asked for in a dog. She is very laid back, affectionate and loves her walks down by the river every morning. She travels well in the car and enjoys playing with any willing subjects! So glad we got her from you. Hope things going well.


Liz Hendry

Dear Brenda,

I wanted to let you know how delighted we are with, Archie, the new addition to the McAskie family. He is an absolute joy to have around, and its hard to now imagine life without him. He is the most easy going, balanced relaxed puppy, and has settled into family life remarkably quickly. We have quickly, established a routine, which he seems to be thriving on. I am in tune with his movements when he needs out, and so far house training is going really well. He is also so patient, while waiting for his softened food to cool, and sits on command!

He loves the garden, and is already familiar with his surroundings. The children are delighted with him,and love engaging in lots of play with him.
We will keep you informed of Archie’s progress, as already he has grown,seems to be thriving, and is going to be a very handsome boy. With fondest regards from a very proud Australian Labradoodle owner.
With best wishes for 2013,

Brenda McAskie

A wee note to let you know that Ted is settling into his new home very well. He is a very sweet little fellow who seems to fit in with everyone else in the family. He has eaten from his bowl without any problem and hasn’t needed any hand feeding. Accidents in the house have been few and far between – only when Ken is in charge!! Ted and Sarah are virtually inseparable, she even wanted to take him to school today.

We hope you have a great Christmas, we will keep in touch with news of Ted.


Joanne Green

Hi Brenda

Finally got round to downloading a few pics of our gorgeous Rosie! The ones at the bottom were taken a few weeks after we got her home, the one on the sofa (yes, we did make the rule before we got her that she wasn’t allowed on the furniture but that went awry fairly quickly!) was taken just before Christmas and the one below was taken after her Christmas ‘hair do’ in preparation for the festive season!

She is doing really well; she’s so affectionate and loves to be wherever we are, brilliant with Calum and Katie (who adore her!), clever and full of fun! We all love her so much! She loves her new house and has lots of space to run around in the garden and the walks in Kippen are lovely (although we are mindful to only take her for short walks just now). She gets lots of attention with many people asking what breed she is and where we got her from so you may have a few more enquiries from this area!

We will keep in touch and let you know how she’s doing.

Hope you are well and thanks again,

Mark, Melanie, Calum, Katie and Rosie

Hi Brenda,

Happy New Year to you too. I hope you are well. Dale assures me he’s posted the contract back to you so it should arrive with you soon! Let me know if you don’t receive it. Amber is doing absolutely great. We’re enjoying her so much, I can’t believe how intelligent she is!! Giving paws, sitting when told and also barking when you ask her to speak! I’ll definitely be bringing her to yourself for grooming now that you offer that service. What age should I be getting her clipped at? It will be nice for you to see her. Look forward to coming back to Lomond Hills!

Thank you

Debbie Ketchen

Hi Brenda,
I hope you are all well, and happy new year. Our wee boy Brodie is 1 today. Can’t quite believe how time flies.

Brodie has been excellent, he has fitted perfectly into our family, and is very much loved.

Wherever we go, people stop and ask about him, he’s a wee superstar.

I have a couple more pictures I will send separately.

It would be nice to bring him to see you, we are mindful that you are very busy.

He’s an absolute joy, we can’t thank you enough.

Best regards

Matthew, Kerry, Kyla and Brodie

Hi Brenda

This is Teddy Mackie he is now 9 months old, he is a puppy from Muffie & William and lives with us in Balerno Edinburgh. Teddy has a fantastic nature and is admired everywhere he goes with many asking what type of breed he is. Teddy gets on great with our 2 cats, in fact he is starting to think he is a cat himself with many feline antics 🙂
Teddy enjoys toast for his breakfast every morning and since Christmas has found he has a particular liking for turkey! Teddy attends a puppy playgroup every Thursday and has made many friends of all sizes and has a special love for a Goldendoodle called Poppy. He is a very cuddly pooch and we now cannot imagine life without him.

Below I have attached a picture of Teddy, I hope you think he is as handsome as we do 🙂

Thanks again for helping us find Teddy.

Kind regards

Robyn & John Mackie

Happy new year! Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know Shabba is very well – growing nicely and still has the most amazing spirit. We took her to the west coast for new year and she certainly feels like she could get used to life as a sea dog! I’ve attached a picture of her enjoying the beach…

We get stopped all the time in Edinburgh by people who are captivated by her, and have certainly recommended you to everyone!

Hope you are all well.



A quick note to let you know that Truffles has settled really well. We are so delighted with her, and she is doing so well. It feels as if she has been here for ages, not just since yesterday! She is a real treat, and we are loving having her. Her nature is amazing – so gentle and calm. Thanks for all your help, and we will speak to you soon.

Kind regards,

Catriona Wylie

Dear Brenda and Grahame,

Holly is six months today. She has settled wonderfully into our family and we all love her. She brings so much joy. My daughter said yesterday that one does not know how much one can love a dog until one has one. Very true.

She is a good sport and loves the snow, which we have in abundance this year. I have many friends here with both puppies and dogs so she gets opportunities to play as we walk together. Holly is such a nice dog to other dogs too – which is quite a pleasure for me as an owner.
We play and train her as appropriate and she learns and respects us.

Thank you for breeding such a lovely dog. I have so many compliments for her and I take every opportunity to tell them where I got her.

I have booked her in for her first cut – so she might look very different in two weeks. But I enclose a picture of her as she is today – six months old.
Regularly brushing and monthly ear plucking is all going to plan and she is a healthy dog with a somewhat changing appetite, which I have learned not to worry too much about.

Kind Regards

Tine Vraalsen

Hi Brenda,

Cupar is settling in well to the Johnston household. He has literally hit the ground running. He is fearless and holds his own with Jasper. They are getting along really well and Jasper is as good natured as always, very tolerant of his little brother.
Cupar is eating well and he slept really well on Saturday night, not as perfect on Sunday night but he slept really well last night too.
He was great at the Vet yesterday and has a fan club there already.
Robert and I are spending much of our time at home at the moment so Cupar and Jasper are getting lots of cuddles and love.
In return they are both filling our days with laughter and happiness too.
Thanks again for keeping him an extra week, that has worked well for everyone.


Grace Johnston


Ella has slotted into our family really well, she is loved by all members of the family (including my mother in law who allegedly doesn’t like dogs!) it seem like we have always had her. She is a very loving dog with a great nature. When we take her out she likes to say hello to everyone who passes her and is quite put out if she is ignored.

You were right about Labradoodles not being led by there stomach, Ella only eats when she wants to, I have to resort to some chicken in the bowl to get her to eat sometimes, but not too often thankfully. She does enjoy a sausage treat when we are training and absolutely adores a dog biscuit occasionally.

House training was surprisingly easy with only a few accidents some of which were down to us missing the signs she gives us.

Puppy classes are the highlight of Ella’s week, she has a little Bichon Frise friend called Lucky who she shares a class with. She is a very obedient dog and training is going very well at the moment. We are joining a second puppy class tomorrow as the puppy trainer thinks it would be beneficial for Ella to be in a class with a few more dogs as she is always so friendly to every dog she meets which is not always a good thing.


Katrina Davidson

Hi Brenda,

Thought I would send this picture of Teddy!! He is the most gorgeous puppy. I can’t believe how much I love him and the joy he has brought to the family. He was bought for Charlie, and he has great fun with Teddy but he is definitely my dog!!!!

Teddy is everything you said he would be. He is intelligent has a hysterical personality (he thinks he’s a person!!!), and is so so loving.

We have met and only by chance a few Labradoodles from Lomond Hills. We especially see Carra from Musselburgh.

I can’t believe I find myself thinking of another puppy!!!

Hope all is well with you and the family.

Kind regards

Wendy Farmer

Hi Brenda,

Wanted to let you know I am having the best time, I love my new family so much and they say I am being a good boy. If I go ‘busy, busy’ in the garden, I get a treat of chicken so I have been trying really hard for treats.

The first night I slept most of the night but needed to wee at 4 which woke me up and everyone else! Last night I slept from 10 o’clock (I was so tired I had to go to bed early) to 6 in the morning. I went straight to garden and did the biggest wee and a poo, my people told I was a very clever boy.

I have a new friend called Oscar, he doesn’t seem to understand me, I am trying so hard to be his friend but he doesn’t seem to like my kisses, I keep trying though, maybe soon he’ll let me get a bit closer.

Mum says I’m going to visit the vet soon, bet they’ll say I’m the best puppy ever.

Must go for now, toys to play with and people to cuddle.

Love and kisses, Bailey.

PS: My favourite toy is an empty plastic bottle

Senga Plain

Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been in touch before but been enjoying Ollie toooooooo much.

What can I say he is twice the size and such a great puppy! Temperament is excellent and he is such a fun loving wee soul.

Everyone we meet comments on his colouring and his coat he is like a ball of fluff and so soft, his coat shines and is so smooth and silky. He can also eat and likes nothing more than chasing the leaves, birds and running through puddles. He is such a sociable puppy for his age. I honestly cannot recommend you guys enough because the breeding of Ollie is a credit to you.

His paws are like a Shetland pony and he pounces and bounces about all over the place. I have never had any sleepless nights apart for roughly 10 minutes when we brought him home that Sunday and have heard nothing since.

The toilet training was excellent from day 1 and he is an extremely obedient and intelligent pup so I will definitely send photos of him for your gallery but honestly I cannot imagine what we did before Ollie came along.

Heather Bell

Just a wee update on Maisie. She has settled in really well here and we are
having such a lot of fun with her. She loves romping around the garden and
seems to know that’s where to do all her business (bar one or two accidents
when she gets over excited!). She sits on command from all 3 of us as well
as some of our visitors who all think she is adorable. I’ve given your
details to a few friends :). She had her second vaccination on Tuesday as
well as a good examination by our vet – all good !

We’ll keep in touch!

Lesley Forrester

A quick message to say I was speaking to someone the other day who was hoping to buy a puppy from you. She actually stopped her car to speak to Peter and I while we were out for a walk with Ramsay. We laughed actually because when she stopped she asked ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking but is this Ramsay?’. Not sure whether you had mentioned him or whether she had heard about him from someone else – he has quite a reputation around here, a lot of people seem to know him or have heard about him – frightened to ask if it’s good things they have heard!!! Anyway, we gave her a glowing report of what it is to own a doodle (or should that be to be owned by a doodle) so hopefully that will have helped her decision. It’s certainly one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is still a joy to have, still makes me smile every day. I can’t believe he is nearly 4, don’t know where the time has gone…….

Best wishes always

Amanda Hepburn


Upon getting Dexter home, he was very quiet the first week and has always slept right through every night. He was in our room the first 2 nights, then downstairs in the kitchen thereafter – we have never heard a peep.

He is now fully house trained (although only a few accidents in the house during training and never a code brown). He has learned basic commands very quickly. He can sit, lie down, give either paws, go in his bed on command and wait. He has also learned fetch and I am starting to teach him toy association so that he will find a certain toy on command.

He is a very outgoing puppy, choosing to play with the biggest dog (4 month husky) at puppy class – he actually got the better of “Wolfie” and had him on the run a few times.

It’s amazing how many people have said I’m not a dog person, but I love him. Or also that they can’t believe how well behaved he is for such a young dog. My father in law who has had a few dogs in his time is completely gob smacked when we sit down to eat I just tell “in your bed” and off he trots and lies down and waits until I tell him he can come play again.

All in all we are delighted that we chose one of your puppies and will update you again soon.

Ben Holden

Hi Brenda,

Thought I would drop you a wee email before Christmas to let you know how Elvis is getting on – wow he is getting big! He is a delightful little thing, full of mischief! His favourite thing is stealing socks from the clothes horse! He is now enjoying his walks and has learnt to sit at the kerb. His appetite knows no bounds, but his weight is perfect as we had a drop in with the puppy nurse last week. He has a puppy party tomorrow night at the vets and we start puppy training classes in January – his teacher popped out to visit him yesterday and gave us some good advice.

He is sleeping nearly right through the night and does all his ‘business’ outside – we couldn’t really ask for anything more.

We can’t imagine our life without him now; he is such a part of the family. My parents keep finding excuses to come out and see him! Gabby just adores him and the feeling is mutual – she had a sleepover at the weekend and he was sitting at the bottom of the stairs pining for her.

Perhaps we will get a chance to come over one day with Elvis for a visit, but I will keep in touch in the meantime.

Angela, Sam, Gabby & Elvis x

Hi Brenda and Grahame!

As promised, here are some photo’s of Alfie (aged 4 months). Alfie is a fantastic dog and we wouldn’t be without him now.

As we discussed before, we can bring Alfie up to see you so you can see for yourselves how well he’s doing. We can pop up anytime it suits you so if you want to give us some evening’s which suit you we can arrange something.

Thanks again for a beautiful dog.

Frances & Lindsay

Hi Brenda,

Thought I would give you an update on my puppy, Jess who is 17 weeks old …. As you can see, Jess has grown, not sure how big she’ll be maybe you can let me know? We think she’s gorgeous, she’s very clever and won the most obedient dog competition. She’s sociable, especially with the other Labradoodle next door to us. She goes on doggie walks with 4 other dogs regularly too.

I remember the day we came out to see your dogs Brenda, I thought Blondie was adorable, and Jet was very playful, we loved the way he jumped onto you for a cuddle. I thought if these 2 dogs are the parents, we are sure to get a great puppy. I want to say a big thank you to you for giving us Jess as we love her very much.

Louise Hawthorne

Hi Brenda

How are you? I just wanted to let you know that Hector is doing great. He’s very settled and very much feels part of the family. Him and Kit really get on great – they’re always passing each other toys to chew! Very handy having them both teething at the same time! He lets Kit climb all over him and just wags his tail.

He’s doing great at his puppy class and on Saturday we’ll find out if he gets to graduate to Level 2. He’s been very eager to please and responds well to the training. Brodie comes to the classes too and he loves them – he’s great with Hector and plays football with him.

The potty training only took a week. We gave him a bath yesterday as he’d rolled in something unpleasant and he now looks shiny and gorgeous – I don’t think he enjoyed it but he didn’t fuss.

Do you by any chance still have his brother or sister? My aunt has fallen in love with Hector and is now obsessed with Labradoodles!

Hope you like the photos – we took them in the garden today. The one of him and Kit is so typical of the pair of them – always together.

Best wishes

Nikki Broughton

Have been meaning to send you a message for months. We have had Maisie, our Australian Labradoodle for just over a year now. What a joy she is! Extremely loving, very attached to her Daddy. Full of energy, I and fellow dog walkers are amazed at just how fast she can run. I met a couple with a 6 year old Whippet and she out ran her by quite a bit.

She has settled into our family very well and is loved by everyone she meets. We are now considering a wee sister for her as a good friend is breeding her Cocker Spaniel.

Just wanted to let you know just how delighted we are with our amazing Maisie!

Kind regards

Chris Christenson

Hi Brenda

Thought you might like to see Leo as he approaches his 9 months milestone on 12th Feb. He is utterly gorgeous -has just had the full works from the Dogtails lady last week -bathed ,blow dry and clipped -he loves it all!

He is an adorable pup -so friendly, intelligent and no bother at all -he has a superb nature and boy does he have his Dad’s chunky build -He is a solid 17.6 kg now. His coat is to die for -so thick and curly and very very soft. He does, in a certain light, have a faint chocolate tinge to his coat -from his Mum I presume! He is groomed every day and he likes it a lot -also likes the hair dryer so that was great during the snowy weather.

I am so glad he is part of the family as every day with him is a joy -he loves his walks and is very good at coming back when called and doing all the basic commands -he can sit, lie down ,give a high five and a paw and do a lovely beg. He really likes pleasing you and he also enjoys a cuddle when he just drapes himself all over you and sighs contentedly.

Hope all is well with you and the family.

Kind regards

Val Oswald

Hi Brenda,

We wanted to send you an email to let you know that Archie is wonderful, and that we love him very much. He’s adapted to life quickly and slept right through on both nights so far. We’ve had his crate in our room which has probably helped. He’s also letting us know when he needs to go to toilet, which is great. We’ve been following his feeding routine, which has continued his dry nights (so far).

Also, and I was amazed at this, he let me put a collar on him without worrying at all, and we have already been on a few small walks, including a very exciting exploration of two of the parks around the house.

We just wanted you to know that he seems happy, and that we will take good care of him, and lavish him with a lot of love.

We will stay in touch and send through some pics. Here’s one of him from 30 minutes ago – having a nap on the sofa.

Thanks again for all of your help, we really appreciate it, and are thrilled to have Archie with us.

Take care, and good luck with the other puppies!

Dave & Anna