Puppy Export

We have been exporting our Australian Labradoodle puppies to customers around the world for many years now and continue to provide this service where legislation, rules and regulations permit. We ask our international customers to make their own enquiries with their authorities in order to understand exactly what is required for a puppy entering the country from the UK, before we consider whether or not we are able to ship a puppy to them.

Please note that as a rule of thumb, exporting a puppy from the UK to other European countries has recently become more difficult. It generally requires that the puppy be given a rabies vaccine at 12 weeks old and then have a 3 week wait prior to travelling. This makes the puppy 15 weeks old before it can travel, and as we do not have the facilities to look after puppies until this stage, we are unable to provide this service – unless there is a country-specific exception allowing the puppy to travel at an earlier stage.

We can, however, recommend some overseas breeders that we have worked with before and have listed their websites below:


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Pride and Joy Australian Labradoodles


Dog’s Paradise Labradoodles



Colonial Village Labradoodles


Spring Creek Labradoodles