Why a Lomond Hills Australian Labradoodle?

Our goal is to produce happy, healthy and sound Australian Labradoodle puppies with excellent temperaments. Our breeding programme is based upon careful selection for genetic strength and sound temperament, guaranteeing you receive a puppy which will be perfect for your family.

Our Australian Labradoodles Breeder, Brenda

We are professionals, and we’re in it for the long haul! Lomond Hills was established in 2006 and as a family, we are absolutely devoted to the care of our dogs and puppies, and to the continual development of this wonderful breed. We take great pride in what we do – our facilities have been purpose built and we have over 20 acres of pasture where our dogs love to play. We are always on hand to answer your phone calls and emails. It is our job to make sure that you get the perfect puppy for you and your family.

We offer a friendly and professional export service worldwide. Some Lomond Hills puppies find their homes as little as ten minutes down the road from us, whilst others travel several thousand miles to their new homes! Many of our puppies live at international destinations including: Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Germany and Jerusalem. Because the UK is a rabies-free country, our Australian Labradoodle puppies can travel to most countries worldwide from 10 weeks old. Regardless of where you live, we can help to make sure your puppy gets to your home safe and sound.

Parchment White Australian Labradoodle dogsOur strict and extensive health screening policy ensures that we only breed from the cream of the crop. Before breeding, all of our dogs must pass hip scoring, elbow scoring, BVA eye testing and a genetic test for prcdPRA. These test certificates are available for inspection when you visit.

We achieve healthier dogs by outcrossing. KC registered pedigree dogs often have inbreeding coefficiencies of anything up to 30%. Here at Lomond Hills, we work with an inbreeding coefficiency of no more than 6.25%. You will find very few common ancestors in our pedigrees. This greatly reduces the risk of genetic disorders in our puppies, and provides a better basis for the furthering of the Australian Labradoodle breed as a whole.

The Lomond Hills two year genetic health guarantee doesn’t just give you peace of mind, it also demonstrates the confidence that we have in the Australian Labradoodle puppies that we are producing. If your Lomond Hills puppy develops a life inhibiting disorder which is of genetic cause within the first two years of his/her life, we will make a discretionary refund up to 50% of the price paid.

Red Australian Labradoodle dog breederOur dogs and puppies are brilliant with children. Families with young children often choose the Australian Labradoodle due to their incredibly sweet and placid temperament. We don’t know any Australian Labradoodle that we wouldn’t trust implicitly with young children.

Lomond Hills puppies derive from some of the best Australian Labradoodle bloodlines in the world. Our scrupulous selection of foundation breeding stock gave us an excellent basis on which to build and we have seen continued success through generations of Lomond Hills breeding.

Our experience with dog related allergies and asthma. Lomond Hills Australian Labradoodles have allergy-friendly fleece and wool coats. Approximately 50% of our customers have asthma or dog related allergies and our puppies have achieved a 98% success rate with sufferers. Please note that Early Generation Labradoodles (F1, F1b, F2 etc) are generally not suitable for allergy/asthma sufferers because they tend to shed to some degree.

The Lomond Hills Family Care Home programme allows our breeding dogs to live with selected families in their homes, as opposed to in a kennel environment. This means that we are breeding wonderful family companions FROM wonderful family companions – the way it should be! For details of this programme and why we use it, please click here.

The best start in life! We place great emphasis on early socialisation and we spend hours and hours socialising and interacting with our puppies – this is the best bit! There is rarely an evening that we don’t each have a puppy or two sitting on our lap in front of the fire! Before leaving us, our puppies are spayed/neutered, fully wormed, vaccinated to date and treated with Stronghold (covers fleas, ear mites and various worms). These procedures ensure that every Lomond Hills Australian Labradoodle puppy has the best possible start in life.

Our puppies are microchipped and registered with Petlog, the largest microchip registry in the UK. This serves as proof of ownership, deters against theft and aids the safe return of your beloved puppy if he or she ever got lost.

Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Puppy for sale

We are always here for you, and provide ongoing support to our clients for the life of their Australian Labradoodle. Having established in 2006, we have an extensive knowledge base and a great deal of experience with the Australian Labradoodle breed and are always willing to answer your questions, however silly you think they might be!

Testimonials and referrals. The vast majority of our customers like to keep in touch with us, and there is nothing more satisfying than receiving photos of the puppies that we have bred as they are growing up. Please click here to see some of these photos and what our customers have to say about us.